Ricondi RACE and ROAD

The committee has selected the following meetings to constitute the 2020 BEARS MCRC National Challenge.

Round 1:July 25/26 SMSP NSW                                       St George MCC

Round 2: August 10-17 Hidden Valley Darwin NT             Top End Road Racing Association

Round 3: August 29/30 Phillip Island GP VIC                               Preston Motorcycle Club

Round 4: November 7/8 Broadford VIC                               Preston Motorcycle Club

Dates and venues are subject to change at the discretion of the committee.

The 2020 BEARS Australia National Challenge will be conducted across five classes known as BEARS Formula 1, BEARS Formula 2, BEARS Formula 3, BEARS Formula 4 and BEARS Formula 5.

Machine and rider eligibility for each Formula will be available from www.ozbearsracing.com and is reviewed annually.

For 2020 tyre choice is open – please see the Bears website for suggested suppliers.

To be eligible to score points or win trophies in the 2020 BEARS Australia National Challenge competitors must;

  1. Be a financial member of the BEARS Australia MCRC. Twelve months membership fee is $50 per calendar year. The previous 14 day rule to become a financial member of BEARS has been abolished.
    If, on the day of a race meeting, a competitor is not a BEARS member, then to retain any points they must become a member of the club prior to the start of racing. Membership forms are available from www.ozbearsracing.com or from the BEARS Club committee members – Scott Brown, Jason Cliff, Andrew Burley, Rick Fitzsimmons, Cosi Ubaldino, Andrew Smart or Marc Balestro. If a membership form has not been completed prior to the start of racing, then no points will be accrued.
    The $50 membership fee can be electronically deposited into the Club’s bank account – BSB 062221, ACC # 10078910. Alternatively, the membership fee may be paid to any of the committee members. If the membership fee is not paid prior to the start of racing then no points will be accrued.
  2. To receive a trophy in the 2020 BEARS National Challenge competitors must compete in a minimum of 3 out of the possible 4 race meetings
  3. Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each formula (F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5) will be presented (if eligibility criteria are met) to the placegetters at the AGM/Presentations.
  4. Ricondi National Challenge Incentive (Total Value $1000)
    Again for 2020 we are pleased to announce a special prize combining Ricondi Racing Leathers that will be awarded by way of a draw. To be eligible for this Ricondi National Challenge draw competitors must have entered and competed at all rounds of the 2020 BEARS National Challenge. Riders must also be a member of the BEARS Australia MCRC Club. The 2020 Ricondi Leathers National Challenge incentive will be drawn at the AGM/Presentations.
  5. All decisions regarding the BEARS National Challenge will be final and will be determined by the committee.
    Each of the 4 rounds will be held over 4 legs. Each leg will be approximately 20 kilometers. The exact race distance will be advised in the supplementary regulations of each round. The maximum number of legs of the 2020 National BEARS Challenge is 24.
    Whenever possible, BEARS grids will be split to allow any combination of BEARS formulas to run together, with the intention of separating F5 from F1 for reasons of safety. However, depending upon the number of BEARS entries received, all classes (F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5) may be run concurrently.
    If the number of BEARS entries received exceeds the capacity of the grid, the round promoter must ensure all BEARS formulas may compete by combining any combination of BEARS formulas with another class of similar lap times. In the event of the number of competitors being greater than the capacity of the grid, the competitors who have already scored points in the 2020 National Challenge will be given starting priority. Timed practice will be held with the 115% of the fastest qualifier being the cut off, or at the discretion of the Challenge coordinator.
    A rider may nominate to compete in a higher BEARS formula (by nominating on the supplementary regulations for each individual round, and providing they can qualify within 115% of the fastest qualifier), but if wishing to return to the formula of original classification, any points earned in the higher formula cannot be transferred back to the lower formula.
    If a BEARS grid is to be split to separate the various formulas, competitors with a second machine may ride this second machine in another BEARS formula providing they had already entered both formulas. For example a competitor may compete in BEARS F1 on
    one motorcycle and in F4 on another motorcycle. Points do not accrue between formulas. Riders are only eligible to score points and win prize money and trophies within the particular formula that their motorcycle is eligible for, or nominated in. Should any rider change their motorcycle (and subsequently the formula that they were in) during the 2020 National BEARS Challenge, then they shall maintain all 2020 National BEARS Challenge points that they may have accumulated within each formula, but these points may not be added together for the overall series. In the event of a rider being re-graded during the 2020 National BEARS Challenge, the rider may continue in the 2020 National BEARS Challenge according to their original grading.