TERRA 2020


A message from the VP

Darwin TTC Details:

We finally have confirmation that barring any Covid 19 outbreaks, the Darwin TTC is going ahead as planned. Apologies if you have already confirmed you will not be attending, as we did not hear from a lot of our members re Darwin 2020, I thought I would send this to everyone again to see if there were any change of hearts.

Based on an email last night from the president of TERRA (NT road racing club) they are hoping to have supp regs and entries out by this weekend, www.terra.org.au

So with that in mind we need to start preparing, which includes paying for transport to and from Darwin along with the bike drop off points etc

Queensland Bike Collection (some assistance loading would be appreciated)
Time and Date: 0800 31/07/2020

Kallangur Queensland (sorry this is the only info I have been given)

Sydney Bike Collection (some assistance loading would be appreciated)
Time and Date: 0800 02/08/2020

Rear Loading Dock at Master Australia
45 Marrickville Road
Marrickville 2204

Darwin Unloading (some assistance unloading would be appreciated)
Time and Date: 1100 09/08/2020

Hidden Valley Raceway – Darwin

Return Trip to QLD and NSW
The bikes will then be loaded back onto the truck during the afternoon of 16/08/2020, again the more people loading the quicker and easier it will be. The truck will be back in QLD/NSW approx 7 days later. The exact time and dates for Queensland and NSW unloading will be confirmed by Glenn from MMS Transport during the week we are at Darwin as it depends on his other deliveries if he goes to QLD or NSW first to drop off the bikes.

What Can You Transport on the Truck
• your bike
• race stands
• some tyres (be reasonable)
• kit bag with leathers, boots, helmet, etc
• some tools, again be reasonable, just the essentials
• some spares packed in your esky – standard size esky only
• pit chair

Transport Cost
This year the transport cost is a fixer price per bike transported. Previous years we have had a sliding scale regarding costs meaning that the more bikes that used the transport, the cheaper it would be. However due to smaller numbers, Glenn from MMS Transport has agreed on a special fixed rate for all bikes being transported as part of the BEARS trip to Darwin.

Cost: $1000.00 per bike including the gear noted above

Account Details:
BEARS Australia
BSB 062 221
Account # 1007 8910

Due to the late date on announcements/confirmations concerning the Darwin TTC, we will need full payment of the transport to be deposited to the BEARS bank account by close of business 20/07/2020. Please use your name as the payment reference on the bank deposit.

For your reference if there is any reason that the Darwin TTC trip does not proceed with regard to Covid restrictions etc the BEARS club will provide a full refund of all money paid so there will be no out of pocket for anyone.

That’s about it from me regarding Darwin TTC 2020, however if you have any questions or clarifications please feel free to contact either myself or Rick Fitzsimmons


Jason Cliff
Vice President
BEARS Australia MCRC