BEARS Life Members


Name Reason for Selection at Life Member Year Bestowed
Ian Gowanloch Supporting BEARS morally and financially from day one 1997
Peter Muir For his outstanding racing career and his efforts at the Isle of Man. 1997
Chris Smith For his years of service. Chris is one of only three founding members. 1998
Scotty Brown Meritorious commitment to BEARS racing. 1999
Mal Cherlin Continually extolling the virtues of BEARS. 2000
Phillip Gray Tireless efforts in keeping BEARS going. 2005
David Aboud In recognition of outstanding service and dedication 2010
Linden Roth For displaying true BEARS spirit and sportsmanship for over 20 years. 2017
Rick Fitzsimmons In recognition of outstanding service as both racer and committee man 2021