Saturday 14.01.2023
Meeting held at: Sydney Motorsport Park – Function Room

Item 1:
– Meeting opened 13:27. Scott Brown appointed chair

Item 2:
– Minutes recorded by Andrew Burley
– Andrew Smart on board as 2023 sponsor

Item 3:


David AboudRick FitzsimmonsLinden Roth
Marc BalestroAlex GriffithsAndrew Smart
Philip BartushIan HardingAndrew Staig
Scott BrownJason HewettCosi Umbilino
Andrew BurleyTim HuntChris Whitten
Jason CliffGreg JamesDean Yagan
Paul ClorosMark McGregor 
Robert ComerfordPaul Nelson 
Kim DavisSean Oeser 
Matt EdwardsAdrian Pierpoint 

Item 4:
– Scott Brown recapped year of racing
– Apologies for lack of website updating of lap records

– Rick F presented club financials:

Item 5:
– David Aboud talked about regalia, new logo incoming and new regalia

Item 6:
– Jason responded to above “companies now do a ‘made to order’ system”

Item 7: 2023 Classes
– Scott B talked about power to weight ratio vs his formula (the old way), said new committee will decide which way to more forward
– Andy Staig raised Triumph 660 needs to be restricted to stay F5
– Kim Davis, questions about KTM RCBR/1190R
– Phil Bartush, old bike vs new bike discrepancy

Item 8: 2023 calendar
– Scott Brown presented new calendar

Item 9: Raffle
– No raffle as yet, new committee to decide
– Scott Brown raised sponsorship with Pirelli – knocked back by committee. Also raised a ‘tyre homologation fee’ – $6K ‘lined up’ – 6 manufacturers

Item 10: Elections
– Scott Brown declared all positions vacant
President:              Scott Brown nominated by David Aboud – seconded by Dean Yagan
                                 Jason Cliff nominated by Mark McGregor – seconded by Phil Bartush
                                 Ballot: Jason Cliff majority vote
Vice President:     Scott Brown nominated by Lindon Roth – seconded by Matt Edwards
                                 Mark McGregor nominated by Jason Cliff – seconded by Rick Fitzsimmons
                                 Ballot: Mark McGregor majority vote 
Secretary:              Tim Hunt nominated by Rick Fitzsimmons – seconded by Jason Cliff. Tim
                                 Hunt appointed
              Rick Fitzsimmons nominated by Mark McGregor – seconded by Jason Cliff
                                 Rick Fitzsimmons appointed               
Exec Support:        Scott Brown nominated by Phil Bartush, seconded by Cosi Umbilino
                                 Andrew Burley nominated by Jason Cliff, seconded by Rick Fitzsimmons      
                                 Chris Whitten nominated by Marc Balestro, seconded by Rick Fitzsimmons
                                 Matt Edwards nominated
                                 Max Jordan nominated
                                 Phil Bartush nominated 

Item 11: General Business
– Linden Roth proposed a track day before Mac Park
– Jason Cliff: Grading – remove all grades
                       Introduce transparent system based on power to weight
                       Introduce a bracket racing system for F5
                       Membership t-shirt supplied by club
– Club trophies awarded

10 minute break

Resumption of general business – Jason Cliff – Ricondi confirmed continual sponsorship
– JC – racing in general, numbers down on all classes of racing. Apologies for delays updating BEARS website re results & records
– Financial report read to all members
– Regalia:  New design of BEARS logo now in place
                  Club looking to go to an online order system that ships direct to buyer
– Andrew Staig raised issues re KTM current classifications, issues concerning nomenclature around RC8
– Phil Bartush raised issues regarding old to new bikes but still in same class
– David Aboud: discussion needs to be had re classes & grades vs bikes
– Calendar for 2023: 7 national rounds but scored out of 6 rounds
– Raffles: committee voted not to run a raffle. Question put to members but no vote taken
– Scott Brown raised comments re sponsorship of club again by Pirelli – addressed it to members & told membership that it was worth $8K. Current proposal from 6 x tyres suppliers offering $1K each to a total of $6K. Homologation rule means that all tyre sponsors need to be paid up & riders need to use those tyres to score points.
– Cosi Umbilino asked question did our membership increase with open tyre rule