2022 AGM Minutes


2022 AGM Saturday January 8th, 2 pm

Committee present

Scott Brown – Rick Fitzsimmons – Marc Balestro (minutes)

Rick F put $1k of Club’s money on bar (as usual). Given low numbers in attendance it was decided that members and guests could order food if required, as well as drinks).

Members present

David Aboud – Matt Edwards – Andy Staig – Phil Bartush – Tom Palmai – Bill Birdsey – Paul Nilsen – Jason Dlugosz – Mat Hambridge – Dean Yagan – Linden Roth.

Scott Brown thanked our sponsor Ricondi and all those who made the decision to attend this AGM. We were unable to hold an AGM last year and this year has been difficult given Covid.

Rick F – race summary

Mention made to Lap records

Paul Nilsen – Broadford

Marc B – Mac Park

Mat Edwards – Darwin

Rick Fitzsimmons –

2022 Calendar – discussed – to be confirmed in coming weeks by new committee.

St George race formats discussed – 4/5 March 2022 will be the last stand alone for BEARS – We can still compete but within St George new categories.

Profit and Loss discussed over the last 2 years. Still $19k in bank. 91 members in 2021.

Scott Brown discussed another bike raffle -Show of hands in room – majority agreed to go ahead.

Scott Brown discussed reconnecting our previous sponsorship with Pirelli.

Approx. 90% of riders are using Pirelli. Mat Hambridge said he can’t buy Pirelli tyres (in correct sizes so he has already bought a non-Pirelli crate – Rick pointed out correct rule (re tyre availability) – Dean Yagan disagreed – Show of hands – all others in favour of a return to Pirelli.

Discussion on how many rounds go towards National championship –

3 said drop 1 round, 11 said don’t drop a round.

AGM Elections commenced

Scott Brown Voted   – President – no opposition

Jason Cliff voted – vice president – no opposition

Jason Burley – club secretary – no opposition

Rick Fitzsimmons – treasurer – no opposition

Executive committee – Matt Edwards – Mat Hambridge – Bill Birdsey

Cosi Ubaldino offered to re-stand if required. Marc Balestro + Andrew Smart stood down. Scott B thanked the previous committee members for their efforts.

TROPHY PRESENTATIONS for Ricondi National Challenge and Club Championships were conducted. Disappointing to see so many trophy recipients absent.

Da Vanti Developments Best Newcomer / Most Improved Rider went to Paul Nilsen

Founding Members Award / Warren Zevon Award – not given. Still in possession of Jason Dlugosz who forgot to return it.

Club Championship Shield not presented as hadn’t been returned.

Marc Balestro contacted Andrew Smart on the day re confirmation on Ricondi Leathers Prize Draw for 2021 and 2022 – approved by Andrew Smart.

Riders Draw for Leathers was conducted – Voya Kissitch won the Leathers.

Supp regs not finalized yet. Will be done ASAP once new committee votes on bike classes and possible rule changes.

Scott B brought up National Prizemoney (if we go back with Pirelli and if we run another bike raffle) was brought up for discussion. I.E., how it could be distributed. Instead of prizemoney for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each Formula, Scott suggested a return to a system BEARS had used in the 1990’s whereby all members who travelled to interstate National meetings received “travel assistance”, (was $150 per round back then when there were only 3 rounds – now with 6 National rounds this could only be approximately $100 per meeting). Preston MCC has a similar version. This idea was warmly welcomed by all present at AGM.


Andy Staig suggested a stand-alone raffle organiser – he would think about taking on the role if requested to do so.

Dean Yagan agreed to warehouse bike again for Darwin trips.

Linden to carry on points scorer.

Chris smith to do his thing.

Jason D requested the MV 800 Brutale be re-classified from F2 to F3. Phil Bartush requested similar for Triumph 675. Discussions were held. Meeting degenerated into arguments. Scott said these decisions will be made by the new committee. Sean Oeser (via email) had requested the Ducati 748 move from F3 back to F5. Old committee had rejected this but new committee will review.

David Aboud to keep looking after Regalia. Possible new designs were brought up – however no volunteers were received.

Scott B nominated Rick Fitsimmons to be made a Life Member. This occurred when Rick was absent from Room. 100% agreement. When Rick returned, Scott made the announcement. Rick was clearly surprised.

Close of meeting 4.05pm