Pirelli has been announced as the official tyre supplier and major sponsor of the BEARS Club for 2018.

All motorcycles with 17 inch wheels are required to use Pirelli tyres to score points in the 2018 National BEARS Challenge and the Club Championship. Motorcycles that do not have 17 inch wheels are not required to use Pirelli tyres. In the event that suitable Pirelli race tyres cannot be supplied at a particular event, only then may non-Pirelli tyres be used at that meeting. Tyres may be checked at scrutineering and before and after any race by current members of the BEARS Club. Competitors found to be using other tyre brands are eligible to compete and win trophies on the day although they will be removed from point scoring for the round. Pirelli tyres can be obtained by ordering them on the order form below through various authorised Pirelli race centres in each state. The list of race centres can be found on the Link International website by clicking on the Pirelli sponsor logo on the right.


2018 Pirelli compound data

2018 Pirelli Tyre Order Form


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