To score points in the 2015 National BEARS Challenge competitors must hold current financial membership with BEARS Australia Motorcycle Racing Club Inc. Membership forms are available from
In the event of a non-financial rider competing in the National BEARS Challenge, they have 14 days to become a financial member, after which time any points earned will be removed from that rider and re-allocated to those competitors who are financial members of the BEARS Australia MCRC. Challenge points can only accrue once the competitor is financial.
All motorcycles with 17” wheels are required to use Pirelli tyres to score points in the National BEARS Challenge. Motorcycles
that do not have 17 inch wheels are not required to use Pirelli tyres. In the event that suitable Pirelli race tyres cannot be supplied at a
particular event, only then may non-Pirelli tyres be used at that meeting.
Tyres may be checked at scrutineering and before and after any leg of the National BEARS Challenge by current members of BEARS
Australia. Competitors found to be using other tyre brands are eligible to compete and win trophies on the day although they will be
removed from the National point scoring.
Pirelli tyres can be obtained by ordering them on an order form through various authorised Pirelli race centres in each state. To find the
authorised Pirelli race centres and the official Pirelli order form go to
Each of the 5 rounds will be held over 4 legs. Each leg will be approximately 20 kilometres. The exact race distance will be advised in
the supplementary regulations of each round. The maximum number of legs of the National BEARS Challenge is 24.
Whenever possible, BEARS grids will be split to allow any combination of BEARS formulas to run together, with the intention of
separating F5 from F1 for reasons of safety. However, depending upon the number of BEARS entries received, all classes (F1, F2, F3,
F4 and F5) may be run concurrently.
If the number of BEARS entries received exceeds the capacity of the grid, the round promoter must ensure all BEARS formulas may
compete by combining any combination of BEARS formulas with another class of similar lap times. Page 3 of 4
In the event of the number of competitors being greater than the capacity of the grid, the competitors who have already scored points in
the National Challenge will be given starting priority. Timed practice will be held with the 115% of the fastest qualifier being the
cut off, or at the discretion of the Challenge co-ordinator.
A rider may nominate to compete in a higher BEARS formula (by nominating on the supplementary regulations for each individual
round, and providing they can qualify within 115% of the fastest qualifier), but if wishing to return to the formula of original classification,
any points earned in the higher formula cannot be transferred back to the lower formula.
If a BEARS grid is to be split to separate the various formulas, competitors with a second machine may ride this second machine in
another BEARS formula providing they had already entered both formulas. For example a competitor may compete in BEARS F1 on
one motorcycle and in F4 on another motorcycle. Points do not accrue between formulas. Riders are only eligible to score points and
win prize money and trophies within the particular formula that their motorcycle is eligible for, or nominated in.
Should any rider change their motorcycle (and subsequently the formula that they were in) during the National BEARS Challenge,
then they shall maintain all National BEARS Challenge points that they may have accumulated within each formula, but these
points may not be added together for the overall series. In the event of a rider being re-graded during the National BEARS
Challenge, the rider may continue in the National BEARS Challenge according to their original grading.
The riders amassing the greatest number of points within each formula across all legs at each round will determine the placegetters per
round. The winners of the National BEARS Challenge will be the riders amassing the highest number of points within each
formula over all rounds. In the event of a race being cancelled in its entirety, no points will be awarded although the race will have
deemed to be run in regard to the overall National BEARS Challenge.
Points will be awarded within BEARS Formula’s after every leg as per current GCR’s, 1st – 20th. I.e. 25, 20, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12,
11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
For the purposes of scoring any race that does not complete full distance, the current GCR’s apply.
The maximum number of points at each round is 100. The maximum number of points available during the 2014 National BEARS
Challenge is 500. The point score for the National BEARS Challenge will be completed by the Challenge coordinator after each
round and will appear on within 14 days after the completion of each round.
Round Trophies for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in each formula (F1, F2, F3, F4 & F5) are the responsibility of the promoter and will be presented by
the promoter at each round. Prize money at each round is the responsibility of the promoter and will be advised in the supplementary
regulations of each round if available.
National Challenge Trophies for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in each formula (F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5) over the 5 rounds is the responsibility of the
BEARS Australia Motorcycle Racing Club Inc. and will be distributed at the presentation ceremony of the final round.
In National Challenge prizemoney will be a maximum of $1200 per round held and will be paid at the conclusion of the Series. If
all 5 scheduled rounds are held, total series prizemoney will be $6000. If only 4 rounds are held, total prizemoney will be $4800. 5
rounds, $3600. etc. The winners of each class will also receive a set of Pirelli tyres.
The table below indicates the prizemoney based on all 5 rounds being held. If less rounds are held, the prizemoney will be less.
Formula Prize
Money 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
F1 $2340
Pirelli Tyres
$300 Link Dollars
$200 Link Dollars
$468 $351 $234
F2 $1560
Pirelli Tyres
$300 Link Dollars
$200 Link Dollars
$312 $234 $156
F3 $800
Pirelli Tyres
$300 Link Dollars
$200 Link Dollars
Pirelli Tyres
$300 Link Dollars
$200 Link Dollars
F5 $600
Pirelli Tyres
$300 Link Dollars
$200 Link Dollars
 To qualify for Challenge prizemoney competitors must be a financial member of the BEARS Australia MCRC Inc.
 To qualify for any Challenge prizemoney competitors must have used only Pirelli tyres.
 To qualify for any Challenge prizemoney riders must participate in at least 4 out of 5 rounds. I.e. if a rider competes in less age 4 of 4
than 4 rounds of the National BEARS Challenge, then they are ineligible for prizemoney
 In the event that any advertised prizemoney within a Formula is not distributed due to the aforementioned criteria then any
remaining prizemoney may be either retained by the BEARS Australia MCRC, or redistributed at the club’s discretion.
A special prize combining Ricondi R-Tech leathers, compression suit and R-Tech gloves (approx $1500 value) will be available by way
of a draw. To be eligible for the draw competitors must have entered and competed at all National Challenge rounds held in 2014. If
you compete at less than all the rounds you do not qualify to be entered into the draw. To be drawn at the AGM.
Additional Contingency Program – Link $
In addition to 5 sets of free tyres provided for prizes, Link will introduce awards of “Link Dollars” for 1st and 2nd place overall for the
season in each of the five formulas. This means the highest finishing BEARS competitors in each class can choose from a
wide range of Link Products at the end of the season to the value of these Link Dollars vouchers .So $300 Link Dollars for 1st and $200
Link Dollars for 2nd overall for the year in each class, to the value of $2500 Link Dollars overall for the National series.
Also at each National round, one BEARS competitor will be drawn randomly from all riders entered to receive $100 Link Dollars
voucher. This will be regardless of race finish or class, as a reward for entering the BEARS National round. Total Additional
Contingency for 2015 – $3000 Link Dollars. NB. In the event that competitors are deemed to be ineligible for prizes and/or prize money
due to the above qualifying criteria, then they shall similarly be ineligible for Link $. Any remaining Link $ will be redistributed to other
competitors that did meet the qualfying criteria at the discretion of the BEARS committee.
10. FINAL INSTRUCTIONS Final instructions will be issued by the promoter.
Entry fees will be set by the individual promoters and may include cross entry into other events if eligible. Each rider will receive at least
2 pit passes. Additional passes may be purchased by arrangement with the promoter.
Riding numbers shall be at the discretion of the promoter of each round. Riders will be notified of their riding number in the final
instructions issued prior to each round. To assist with lap scoring, it is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that their number plates
meet the requirements specified in the current GCR’s.
13. SCRUTINEERING, PRACTICE and RACE SCHEDULE As per the sup regs and final instructions issued by the promoter.
Timed qualifying will be held. If timed qualifying cannot be held the allocation of grid positions for the first leg will be at the discretion of
the National BEARS Challenge Co-ordinator and approved by the Clerk of Course. Grid positions for subsequent legs will be as
per previous finishing order. All events shall be from a clutch start. Competitors shall be given at least one warm up lap prior to each
leg. Lights will be used to start all events. Should the lights fail, the race maybe started by raising the flag.
A rider may change their machine before the start of a race providing the following is adhered to: a) a change of machine may be
permitted if submitted in writing to the Clerk of Course and with the approval of the MA Steward at least 20 minutes prior to the start of
the event in which the substitution is required: b) no rider may change to a machine that has not been officially scrutineered.
All protests and appeals must be in accordance with the current MA manual of motorcycle sport.
The promoter of any round reserves the right to shorten, combine, postpone, cancel or abandon events at a meeting with the approval
of the MA Steward, Clerk of Course, LCB or MA road racing commission should conditions warrant.
18. NOISE LIMITS Noise limits will be enforced. Competitors exceeding limits will be black-flagged.

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